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new year resolutions 2018

Every year is an endless loop of “I need to stop doing this and start doing that”s which, mostly, inevitably, fade into a new set of “I need to stop doing this and start doing that”s. Some people who actually stick to their plans end up being looked up to. God figures! Legends! Whoa, the transformation! Transformations are difficult but not fictional and so is the concept of resolutions. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither were your habits developed overnight. But hey, there’s a first time for everything and there’s absolutely no GST on your every first. I had jotted down a few resolutions and felt a revolutionary change when instead of waiting for the auspicious January 1st to get started, I started in December!

I got rules, I count ‘em. Here’s my list!

Mission de-clutter thy wardrobe

We women fall in love, flaunt, care and are hung up on every piece of clothing locked in our wardrobe. About 10% of our clothes sit with their tags still on. Am I right or am I right? It’s a big and colorful world of fashion out there. De-clutter your wardrobe and make room for newer outfits. Donate or resale hardly used outfits at the click of a button. Each time you dig through your outfits and still have nothing to wear, I feel you, no number of clothes is enough number of clothes. A capsule wardrobe with 15-20 pieces of clothing which keep changing every month is the ultimate solution. Mix and match, own the stage!

A room like your fantasy land

Lazing around and all is fine but have you tasted the satisfaction and peace that a clean room can give you? Be it DC or Marvel, Anime or Game of Thrones, quotes or pretty things, the more you see what makes you happy the more stars you add to your flamboyant personality. I plan on having some scented candles, pretty fairy lights and a lot of photo frames arranged to my taste in my room. This includes me cleaning my dresser, handbag and disposing of those expired beauty products, coupons and old receipts. Build your empire, start with your room!

A new fitness routine

Be it sweating it out, running or just taking a fifteen-minute walk in the park, do it! Do it now! Indulging in physical exercise at least twice or thrice a week will have a visible impact on your body and mood. I make sure I do at least one long Himalayan trek a year, and a few weekend treks. The more the merrier! I am indubitably a yoga person but joined CrossFit recently. I’m lovin’ it!

A New Beauty Routine

Healthy skin, beautiful skin. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are the three not-so-secret steps to the healthy and glowing skin. Don’t ever forget your SPF, NO. This new year, try identifying your skin type and invest in good skin care products. Care deeply about yourself.

Eat Healthy

Watch what you eat. Avoid junk, embrace health. I’ve got a little reward mechanism devised for myself and it sounds really yummy. A new restaurant every week balanced by intake of lots of greens and fruits. Amazing, I know! You are what you eat. Your mood, health, skin, hair and even your Instagram stories.

A Friend A Week

Tap tap plan, smile hug meet! (*insert heart emoticon*) WhatsApp and Skype have made life easy but nothing compares to the comfort of not needing a screen to communicate with your loved ones. Meet a friend over coffee or dinner and talk. Endless blabber and deep conversations, whatever it might be, its rejuvenating. I have been doing this for long now and it has worked out really well, so, I plan on doing it more often now. If you need a patient ear or if you are one, phone me and we’ll chalk out a nice plan!

Save up!

Save a little every month to be able to afford that expensive dress you wanted for your dream vacation. Cut down on unnecessary and avoidable expenses, shop smart!

At least one book a month

Quite ironic how books being one dimensional are alive than any high-end 9,12, xyz dimensional video experience. Books help gain more perspective, allow your imagination run wild and serve as doors to your very own parallel alternate universe. Read! But dear millennial, if you’re not a book lover, read at least for 15 minutes before you sleep.

Travel. As much as you can

This resolution is my personal favorite. Travelling does not translate to burning a hole in your pocket. Explore the local, go around the city and backpack whenever possible. I have promised myself that I will jumpstart my new year with travel and celebrate every small and big occasion with the same, instead of spending a fortune on parties which won’t serve as adventure stories.

Social Media Detox

Just like your diet, start monitoring your social media appetite. I always limit my mobile time when I’m around people. It helps connect better. Real connections. This year, I have decided to not scroll myself to sleep and not to wake up to a screen. I shall not get busy with the buzz monster for at least an hour after I wake up.

Try Meditation

Meditation is hands down the best method I have come across for calming my mind down. So far, I have taken at least one solo trip a year to just meditate, read and come closer to nature. This year, I plan on integrating meditation into my daily routine. Ten minutes of meditation a day keep stress and anger away!

No need to ration compliments

Yes! We humans are unarguably social animals and life is not kind to anyone. A kind word from you might give someone a momentary break from his hardships or maybe even affect their day positively. Wish people with a warm smile and give compliments whenever you feel like it. Say sorry and thank you, even for your near and dear. It just make things better. Be it your maid or your boss, everybody can use some love and appreciation.

Family time

The importance of spending quality time with family is often discounted. This is one of my major realizations from 2017. Spend time with your family, with your parents. We always put the family time in the backseat, don’t we? Ah, there’s still a lot of time for family time. Maybe tomorrow. NO! At least one meal a day with your family, one outing in every one or two weeks. It’s important. If you stay away from them, tap tap Skype! The sooner you put this on your list of resolutions, the better. We don’t like regrets, do we?

Get Insured

On a serious note, get each and every member of your family insured. Be it health insurance or a retirement plan, get it done yesterday! This is one more lesson 2017 has taught me, health insurance is a basic need. Get. It. Done.

Looking forward to a more healthy, happy and heartwarmingly beautiful New Year. Happy 2018, folks!


  1. Manideep

    3rd January 2018 at 11:25 am

    U r really amazing
    Even i wish to travel a lot
    I’m really interested to join ur group next time u go to Himalayas

  2. Madhavram

    3rd January 2018 at 1:43 pm

    Excellent. But I need a Friend Like You. Im down For himalayan Trip ONly if I am allowed to join on the trip
    I am also planning the resolutions like this only and already started working on it.
    My instagram is madhavram123.
    Looking forward For more awesome posts and blogs from you
    Have a nice day Sowkya

    1. Madhavram

      3rd January 2018 at 1:47 pm

      By the way If your planning visiting Visakhapatnam, please let me know I will try my best to help you From my side as i have been resident since 2005. My instagram ID is madhavram123.
      Inbox/dm for any help needed here

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