Bhutan ( Paro and Thimpu)



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I am back with my Bhutan travel experience. Bhutan is a dreamy place perched high in the Himalayas. Paro, Thimpu, Punakha and Haa Valley are the most visited tourist places in Bhutan.


Now there are two ways to reach Bhutan from India. One way is to take a flight to Paro and the other way would be to cross the border by road. We have opted for the second option as the flights to Paro from Hyderabad are very expensive and moreover, I love crossing borders by road. To travel the other way we flew from Hyderabad to Kolkata and took an overnight train from Kolkata to Hashimara. From there you will find many taxis and autos which take you till Bhutan border.


After reaching the border it will take 1-2 hours for the visa processing. Once we received the Visa we took the cab to Thimpu. The visa they give is only valid to travel in Thimpu and Paro regions. If you want to visit Punakha and Haa valley you need to take another visa in Thimpu office which will take you 15-20 mins.

Local Transport:

There are many options for getting around in Bhutan. You can take a bus, shared taxi or a complete taxi for yourselves. The avg taxi fare per day was 1500 INR for us.

Food : 

There are plenty of options for food in Bhutan. From Indian to Japanese you can find almost all the cuisines. And when it comes to partying and nightlife Bhutan is definitely not the right place for you. The ideal night in Bhutan would be having your dinner and going for a walk in the city.


After reaching Thimpu we started the city tour and visited Memorial ChortenBuddha Factor, Tiger Monestry.  Taktsang monastery will take you one complete day as its 1-hour drive to Paro and 3-4 hours uphill trek. There is no other way to reach the top. You will find only one restaurant in the midway to take a halt in between. We stayed in Thimpu for three nights in a hotel with a beautiful view in which one day we haven’t done anything as it was raining heavily. We extended our visa and started our journey to Punakha and Haa Valley. For more details refer to my next blog .


Thimpu Hotel:























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