Trend Focus – Oversized Shirt


One of the must-have items is the Oversized Shirt. Why? Because it looks good on everyone, can be worn in a number of ways and let us face it, it’s the ultimate slimming style. I have been looking for a big white silky one for a while as I felt it would be so versatile and easy to wear.  This style is incredibly easy and comfortable to wear, after all, you are just rocking an extremely oversized shirt here.  I opted to wear an acid washed jeans and sneakers to give it a more casual look.

The best part about this shirt is the detailing around the pockets. I really liked it. Another best part about buying Over Sized shirts is you can even find them in the mens section or you can borrow from you, Boyfriend/Friend. Skinny girls might look cool with wider denim as well, but as this shirt is huge anyway, I rather go for the fitted denim. It is extremely comfy, you can sit, jump, dance or whatever you want in these jeans. This shirt can easily hide your muffin top and makes you look slimmer.






My Outfit Details :

Shirt : Koovs

Jeans : Forever 21

Shoes : Adidas


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