10 fashionable must haves of 2017

  1.  Waist Belts 

    Kim Kardashian Waist Training belt is no more a secret now. This belt has evolved from wearing it secretly inside to flaunting it on the runway 😉
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  2. FishNet Leggings

    When I first saw this trend I hated it. But after seeing some people styling them in a very classic way I started liking it. So if you want to look punk or classy no matter what your style is, buy your fishnet leggins here (click on the pic to buy)

  3. Off The Shoulder

    Off the shoulder, tops are in trend since 2016. In 2017 it is more about deep & statement cuts. Perfect for beach and summer.
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  4. Statement Tee

    Statement Tees have made their comeback in 2017. The statements can be bold, quirky, funny or stupid. My favorite among them is the Feminist quotes, especially after Chanel feminist protest.Wear your opinion on your t-shirt and don’t give a damn about the world is the latest trend :P.
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  5. Ruffles

    After off the shoulder its bold ruffles which made a statement in 2017. Bold ruffle sleeved outfits are everywhere. You can carry ruffles almost to any occasion. They will make a great workwear too.Whether the ruffles are on the sleeves or on your hips they act as an accessory so you don’t need any more accessories for yourself.
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  6. Lace Up

    We saw lace up trends on the runway last spring. Then we saw it on Kim Kardashian, Kendal Jenner, and Gigi Hadid. Now the lace-up look is still going strong and we see it on almost every celebrity in their street style. Now the laces are not only on your shoe but on the back of your dress, neckline, leggings etc 😛
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  7. The embroidered outfits

    This trend is my most favorite among all. Now embroidery is everywhere. It’s on your dress, top, jeans, jacket, bralet etc, You can even DIY it on your outfits. It gives you that feminine touch to your outfits.
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  8. Mules

    Expected to be the shoe of 2017, mules of all shapes and sizes are hitting stores now. They are very comfortable and stylish.
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  9. Statement stripes

    Last year stripes were only about t-shirts and t-shirt dresses. In 2017 Stripes became a celebrity trend. They are in different sizes, colors, and prints. Mixing and matching the stripes is the latest runway trend. So how do you like to wer your stripes?
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  10. Basics

    Last but not least basics are every girl’s staple and evergreen trend. A basic Tee and a denim can never go wrong. We have seen our favorite celebs rocking basics. They are affordable and fashionable.
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