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Happy Ugadi (Gudi Padwa)

Hello Guys, I wish you all a very Happy Ugadi .

For the people who doesn’t know what Ugadi is, I will write a short paragraph below, Kindly go through it.

Marking the beginning of a brand new year, Ugadi is a festival of hope that’s celebrated by the people in South India and some parts of Maharashtra. More precisely, by those who live between the Vindhyas and the Kaveri river. Ugadhi has its derivation from the word ‘Yugadhi’ or ‘Yugadi’ which consists of two terms ‘Yuga’ and ‘adi,’ which respectively means ‘cycle of time’ and ‘beginning’. It is believed that the creator of the Hindu pantheon Lord Brahma started creation on this day – Chaitra suddha padhyami or the Ugadi day. Also, the great Indian Mathematician Bhaskaracharya’s calculations proclaimed the Ugadi day from the sunrise on as the beginning of the new year, new month and new day. The eating of a specific mixture of six tastes called Ugadi Pachhadi  in Telugu and Bevu-Bella  in Kannada, symbolizes the fact that life is a mixture of different experiences (sadness, happiness, anger, fear, disgust, surprise), which should be accepted together and with equanimity through the New Year.

Being a Telugu girl, I love celebrating all the festivals. My favorite part about the festivals is food. I get to eat all my favorite dishes and wear Indian attire. And despite the hit of various types of apparels in trend, sarees have always been able to sustain their special place in every girl’s wardrobe. This 6-yard-long garment is most loved by women not just because they could be worn to any place whatsoever, but also because there are so many variations that you can never be bored of wearing sarees.






Ugadi Pachadi


Traditional decoration called ‘Thoranam’.



  1. Navya

    29th March 2017 at 6:46 pm

    Superb ❤️
    I like one thing in you
    I will always try for the new??

    1. Navya

      29th March 2017 at 6:48 pm

      Sry u will always try for the new

  2. Sri Mani

    29th March 2017 at 7:24 pm

    Simply Superb

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