Rupin Pass(4650m)



Rupinpass is perched at 4650mts in the Himalayan mountain range, it takes us through hanging villages, terrific forests, glacial meadows, waterfalls and a gushing pass crossing. This trek almost rook my life and gave it back to me. It is a life changing experience for me. I came back as a whole different person.

This is my first Himalayan trek and the biggest step of my life. I was 19 and one day I decided to go on a trek with random people. As it was through GHAC I felt safe and packed my luggage. From traveling in a train to trekking in The Himalayas, everything is new for me. I was just a teenager with no proper knowledge but who is so stubborn to do the trek. I reached Delhi, met my group and organizer Puneet. We stayed at his aunt’s place for a night in Delhi before leaving to the trek. He asked me to show what I packed, I opened my bag with 4 books, 2 pairs of fancy clothes, a big bag of unwanted toiletries and unwanted pair of jeans. Puneet laughed out loud and said, ” you’re not going to a vacation, Do you even know that you need to carry your bag?, Whats with four books, you can hardly complete half book, Please leave half of your stuff here in Delhi!” He was very supportive and encouraged me throughout to complete the trek.

The very next day after the trek started I was mad and felt like quitting it. Still, I kept calm and moved forward. Crossing all the hurdles and difficult times by getting lost in the beauty of nature we reached the summit day. It was afternoon, everyone else reached the top expect me, Nandita and our porters who were helping us to climb the summit. We were walking very slowly as it was very cold and the snow was very slippery. The Himalayan climate can get worse in just a few seconds. We got surrounded by black fog and I couldn’t see anything except my porter who was holding my hand. We increased our speed as the climate was getting worse and we need to be on the top soon. We were walking blindly as we cannot see anything. Suddenly I heard a huge sound of a landslide and I heard a voice saying ” Madam Bhago!” As soon as I heard that I started running, as the path was very steep and slippery I slid and a huge rock hit me with so much force that I went down rolling for 500mts. I couldn’t see anything. I was lying down looking into the sky. I was scared to move and scared to get up as it was so steep. I never thought I would see my family and friends again. I couldn’t feel my body as its so cold. I was just about to give up and close my eyes I heard a voice calling me. I waited for him to find and take me back. The fog started clearing and my porter found me. He lifted me and asked me to keep walking as its very risky now, I didn’t want to go that way again. I asked him, ” Can’t we go back ?” He answered, “If we go back its 4 days if we go forward it’s 2 days only.” I moved forward knowing there is no other way except moving forward. No helicopter can come there too. I climbed the summit. My friends were waiting for me to come back. They were very happy seeing me. Porters did some prayers about me to their god.

I walked for 2 days half dead and with a pain in my head just by having energy drinks. I reached a village after 2 days. Traveled back to Delhi and flew back to Hyderabad. After coming back I thought what if I never came back? When I was in that situation I didn’t think about those people who judged me, that friend who spoke behind my back and that girl who bitch about me. All I could think was about my parents, few of my good friends and the things I always wanted to do in my life. So what matters is in front me. I then decided life is short and make the most of it. Focus on what matters to you. People will judge you no matter what and that doesn’t matter. I started doing things I like and living the life as I want to. I somehow managed to convince my parents also. At least once a year I am trying to go back to The Himalayas. How much ever difficult the route is it always have something beautiful and memorable in the end.”Chasing angels or feeling demons, go to the mountains.”

-Jeffrey Rasley


Day 1  -Catch a Bus to Gosangu (Dodar Kwar).Trek to Jiksun.

Day 2 (Jiksun to Jakha 2650m) Trek to The Hanging Village Morning Leave Jiksun and trek till Jakha(the hanging village) a small village where we will camp for the day ,arrange guide & meet with welcoming locals.

One day of rest at the Hanging village.

Day 3 Friday (Jakha 2650 m to Saribasa Tatch 3250m)(7.5 km ,7 hours)

Morning leave Jakha and start trekking till Saribasa the real fun starts.
Today we will enter thick Pine forest and we will have to cross some Ice bridges.
Mostly we will be treking along river rupin ,after a while we will reach a place where river rupin comes out of gorge and spreads into wide river bed.This place is Saribasa Tatch (Net Altitude Gain 600 meter)

Day 4 Sat (Saribasa Tatch 3250m to Danderas Thact 3550m )(4km,4 hours)(Camp at Waterfall Base )
Today is a easy day but interesting day,we will hike in medows ,there will some bridges and snow patches that we have to cross in order to reach waterfall base (Altitude Gain 300 meter)

Day 5 Sun (Danderas Thact 3550m to Waterfall top 4000m)(5 hours , 4km)
Today is a very Important day , we will be crossing 4000 m mark we will start slow . first two Km will be easy but the things will get tough we will have to climb the waterfall (most probably it will be covered in snow).(Altitude Gain 450 meter)

Day 6 mon ( Waterfall top 4000mto Rathi Pehri 4400m)(2km 1.5 hrs)
We will camp here to prepare for next day’s grueling climb of Rupin Pass. (Altitude gain 400 meter)

Day 7 tue (Rathi Pehri 4400m – Rupin Pass 4680m – Ronti Gad Meadows 4100m)(9km, 7hrs)
Today is the day ,today we will be conquering the famous Rupin Pass.Today we will have to trek some very steep snow covered areas , where one slip would mean sliding all the way down .(Altitude Gain 280 meter Altitude Loss 580m)

Day 8 wed ( Ronti Gad Meadows 4100mto Sangla 2500m)(12km 8 hrs)
The last day of the trek , but full of surprises , today we will leave behind the pure white snowfields and enter lush green meadows.Reach Sangla ,Reunite with civilization (Altitude Loss 1600 meter)

Day 9 Thursday Return to Delhi

The total cost of the trek is 10k. Including flights, it will come up to INR 20,000/-



Home stay





eating Maggie before starting the trek


our sleeping bags




with the porters





this is how they made chapatis for us







  1. Manideep

    8th April 2017 at 3:51 pm

    Good evening , I’m really excited to go to Rupin pass after reading ur article , can u pls tell me how should I find a group to travel along or are there any good packages by anyone u recommend. By the way even I’m from Hyd

    1. sowkya

      8th April 2017 at 4:04 pm

      Hi Mandeep,

      There is a group called GHAC(Greater Hyderabad adventurous Club) from Hyderabad. You can check their meet up page for upcoming trips. There are many other Himalayan treks websites like Indiahikes, TrektheHimalayas.

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