Sandakphu(3636mts) is the highest peak in WestBengal which gives you a view of Everest, Kanchenjunga and other mountain ranges. This trek is done along the border between India and Nepal, you constantly move in and out of Nepal during the trek. Except for its unexpected rains and hailstorm, this trek is easy. I still remember walking for 1 hour in a hailstorm without an umbrella where tiny to medium size ice falling on our heads. One should be prepared for everything. We got home stays along the way. This trek is recommended for beginners.

I met some amazing people in this trek and continued to trek with them later on. We are more like a family in our treks. We talk about anything and everything. As there will be no other entertainment like Tv or internet we talk a lot with each other. Jaya aunty is an amazing cook and she won’t make me miss my home food. She is 50 plus and her passion towards trekking and her will power is tremendous. She is goals guys, I want to be at least 50% of her when I reach 50.

Chintan is a super cool mom and got her 9-year-old son to the trek. Again she is “Mom Goals”.

Each and every person in the trek have something to learn from and they are unique in their own ways. Manju being very ambitious and hardworking, Jaami being very strong and courageous make our girls very proud. I admire them a lot. Raju sir is a guardian and inspiration to us. We all respect him a lot. Mithun, Shafeen, Shiva, Hari, Sharikh are very fun to be with. This group is my favorite group. I hope we do more and more treks together.

Maneybhanjang -> Tumbling -> Sandakphu -> Phalut -> Gorkhey -> Srikhola -> Darjeeling. A walk in India and Nepal boders. 100 odd Kilometers .


day 1 : -NJP- Darjeeling -Sukhai Pokhari – Maneybhanjang. night stay at Maneybhanjang.

(those coming by flight can join us at any of the above places on Sunday)


day2: – Maneybhanjang (1828m) to Tonglu (3087 m)- 15 km trek/ 7- 8 hours.

day3: – Tonglu (3087m)- Kalipokhrie (3110m)- 15 km/ 7-8 hours.

day4: – Kalipokhrie (3110m)-Sandhakphu (3657m).- 6km/ 2 hours.

day5: – Sandhakphu (3657m)- Phalut(3000m)- 21 km /6-7 hours

day6: – Phalut (3000m) -Sirikhola.- 24km/7-9 hours. night stay at Sirikhola

day7: – Arrange for a pickup from Sirikhola to Darjeeling and reach NJP. take a night train from NJP to Kolkata

day8: – this is a buffer day. We need to keep a buffer day for unforseen events. in case we reach on time, we can check out nearby places.

day9: – train or flight from kolkata to hyderabad.



The total cost of the trek is 10K excluding flights. Including flights, it comes up to INR 20,000/-


Trek route map



From left Mithun, Chintan , Naveen, Jaami, Me, Shiva, Hari, Shafeen and Jaya aunty


Gorkhey ( mini Switzerland of India )








home stay

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