Twice to Indonesia and just fell in love with it. First time(2014) I traveled all the way from Jakarta to Bali (that’s like Delhi to Kanyakumari) in 8 nights. The second time(2015) it was a short trip of 3 nights only in Bali.

Jakarta is just like any other city, there is nothing to do. It’s full of buildings, pollution, and huge traffic. We got down in Jakarta and started our road trip from Jakarta to Bali (1147KMS).

First stop is Bandung, again there is nothing much to do there except a volcano called Kawah Ratu. This area is totally surrounded by white sand with black fumes coming out.

After staying a night there we moved to Yogyakarta. Because of Borobudur and Prambanan temples, Yogyakarta has become a famous tourist attraction in Indonesia. These temples are unique and beautiful.

Next stop Malang City. Again Malang is just like any other city. We stayed there for a night and moved to Mt Bromo. Mt Bromo is a place where I saw one of the most amazing sunrises of my life. A surreal and fairy tale moment of my life. Totally worth waking up at 2 am and trekking for half n hour in chilled weather.After the sunrise, we went to an active volcano surrounded by black sand there.

Here comes the main story of the trip. We thought of taking an Air conditioned bus to Bali and booked one. We got into the bus and prepared for a 9 hours journey. They made us get down the bus after 10kms and asked us to get into the next bus. After waiting for a while we got into a bus which is not Air conditioned and its a local bus with no seats left. It is exactly like our Indian village bus. After struggling so much we managed to get three seats in the bus with broken windows and shirt less Indonesian passengers who are smoking inside the bus. Our 9-hour journey became 13 hours and we finally reached Bali.

Bali is so beautiful with the amazing sun rise and sun set days. I used to wake up at 4 am and travel all the way from Seminyak to Sanur ( west to east ) just to see Sunrise. Bali is so beautiful that I captured all the pics in my iPhone and they still look great :P. Partying in Bali is fun. Especially Potato head, Rock Bar and places in Legian Street. We also visited some beautiful temples like Uluwatu, Tanah Lot and Angkor Wat in Bali.

As I flew from Malaysia My return flight is 12k only and this trip has cost me INR 40,000 for 8 days.


Uluwatu Temple Sunset, Bali


Uluwatu Temple, Bali




Mulia resorts, Bali



Garuda Wisnu, Bali




Active Volcano , Mt. Bromo




sunrise at sanur beach, Bali


Mulia Resorts, Bali


Seminyak Beach


Prambanan, Yogyakarta.


Mt. Bromo


Sunrise over Mt. Bromo


Tannah Lot , Bali


Mt. Bromo


First rays of sun


Bromo sunrise




Sunset Rock Bar, Bali


Black sand at Mt. Bromo


Sunset at Potato Head, Bali


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